The Hive - Rise of the Behemoths Is Out Now

Today we are proud to release update 1.2 "Rise of the Behemoths", which includes new player units, buildings and a reworked DNA upgrade system.


Heavy Insectoid unit Behemoth - A sturdy unit with heavy melee attack. It nests
small Seeker aerial units on it’s back. 

Light Insectoid aerial unit Seeker - Swarm of them is carried on Behemoth’s
back. Uses aerial bombing attacks to hit enemies from range.


Medium Insectoid specialist Infestor - Uses a variety of neural oozes to terrorize
enemies and aid friendly units.

This update features:

  • Heavy Insectoid unit Behemoth
  • Medium Insectoid specialist Infestor
  • Small Insectoid aerial unit Seeker
  • Insectoid building Nestling Mound
  • Insectoid building Conch
  • Damage and Defence upgrade rework (Different classes have different upgrades, light, medium, heavy)
  • Food costs at start of levels adjusted to speed up start of levels
  • Rhino and Avatar now have custom sound effects
  • First level boss damage adjusted
  • Streamers now get notification regarding video quality, if they are using OBS recording software
  • Several new ability visual effects and sounds have been added

Bug fixes:

  • "Shadow" faction buildings now have custom debris effect on destruction
  • Avatar and wasp units no longer get stuck after ability cast
  •  Several tooltip tweaks
  • Population cap can no longer go over 200 due to saving bug
  • All workers now continue their current task correctly after loading
  • Workers no longer get stuck on cutscenes
  • Tomb of Aradesh overlaping music fixed

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Have fun with the new features and let us know what you think!

Sauli, Akseli, Antonio, Jenni, Johanna & Jonna.
Skydome Entertainment


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Mar 03, 2020
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Mar 03, 2020

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